Monthly Archives: January 2008

I have earned the e-PRO designation

Every two years a real estate agent is required to earn 14 hours of continuing education (CE) credits. Having a strong background in Internet technology, I decided to go for my e-PRO certification and fulfill my CE requirement at the same time. I was very excited about it because I was able to do it from the comfort of my personal computer screen. I completed the course in less than 10 days. The course reviewed things that i had learned and knew very well and taught me many new things. With the e-PRO certification I will be able to stand out in the crowd as a tech savvy agent.

In my business I utilize everything that I can; email, texting, wireless technology, e-Faxing, this blog, and more. I can create and program web pages and also incorporate professional photography skills in the process.

I am excited to utilize all the things that were highlighted in this new course program.

Here is the e-PRO logo: