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Published Photo

Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that one of my photos was used in an ad. As a photographer this is an honor to know. I sell many photos through stock companies but most of the time to not get to know where the photos are used. The funny thing is the story behind how it was found. The mother of the girl in the photo saw the ad at a soccer tournament. Apparently it got some attention.

Here is a copy of the letter. For privacy reasons, I am leaving full names out.


How are you? We are all doing well.

We were at a soccer tournament this weekend at Turner Valley (Irwin). In the registration packet, we received advertisements from the sponsors. One of them was forcefield headbands. I was in the process of throwing the advertisements away, but looking at them as I did so, and the picture looked like “my daughter’s” (on the headband ad). I looked again (because I knew that she never wore a headband like that) and it was her! I couldn’t believe it. They added the headband to her and removed the “soccer” logo from her shirt and the Puma logo from her shoes. Everyone got a kick out of seeing her on this ad. She was even signing the ads. When her team took third place and they announced the name of the winners, the announcer even mentioned that she was the girl in the ad.

Thanks again for taking all the pictures of her and everyone else on the team. She really enjoys seeing herself like this. This was a nice surprise. Maybe the company should give us a free headband so she can wear it to the competitions. Attached is a copy of the ad.

Hope all is well for you and your family.