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Things of Times Gone By

It is fun to look at older homes and see all the character. Buyers enjoy seeing the original woodwork, pocket doors, stain glass windows, and more. It is truly a step back in time.  I am not talking about when bathrooms did not have toilets because they were in the basement or strange shower set ups. LOL

In some homes, I even see these little cut outs in the walls where a phone jack sits. Many times you see this feature in the front hall or living room of the home. I am sure kids today would think that is quite strange.

This time I found an older quaint home with a refrigerator of times gone buy. I don’t really know antiques very well but this refrigerator was from maybe the thrities for forties – I am guessing. I thought it was so funny to see it on and ready for food. Strange thing too, I dont think it was in inclusion. But I started snapping some cell phone photos so I could share it here on my blog. Amazing, I never exepected to see one of these in a home up and running.



What Does Not Attract Buyers?

I have been extremely busy with buyers. Buyers are getting ready to purchase something knowing that they only have a limited time to take advantage of the tax credit opportunity. Due to this activity, I, of course, get to see a ton of homes – more than the norm. The more homes you see the more strange and interesting things you see as well as some really beautiful homes.

Well, yesterday, I showed a very nice two story colonial. An older couple owns it. Every inch of it is cared for. It is immaculate and for the most part move-in ready. My buyers loved this home looked on the outside. Then walking in we discovered (but we kind of new from the photos) . . . . there was wall paper everywhere. Eeeek . . . My buyers said “forget it”, even though it was a wonderful home. They were disappointed because they would have to tear off all the wall paper. Most of the wall paper was very nice. This kind of decor is very personal and makes it very hard to sell because there is a great cost in changing it all. So, even though it was move in condition, it really was not due to strong personal decorating. I told the listing agent about this and she said the owners would be willing to negotiate having all the wall paper removed by a contractor. My buyers were not the ones to say the wall paper was an issue.

Wow, so wall paper can kill the deal. Sellers keep in mind when investing in your home with decorating. Choose something that is appealing to the masses but tastefully done. Keep in mind neutral, neutral, neutral. This consideration will save you headaches when you go to sell. Do you really want a contractor to have to come in and strip all the walls in your home just to get it to sell or yet alone have to do it yourself? The buyers will turn away because it just looks like too much work to make it their home.

Mortgage Rates are Falling

This week mortgage rates have fallen. Get ready to pick that house out that you have been eying up. Now this the time to lock in a rate.

“Rates on 30-year fixed mortgages fell to 5.14 percent for the week ended July 16, down from 5.20 percent a week before and 6.26 percent a year earlier, Freddie Mac reports.

Interest on fixed home loans has fallen in four of the past five weeks, and Freddie Mac economist Frank Nothaft says rate activity during that time has lowered the monthly payment on a $200,000 loan by $56.”  – Quoted from Realtor.Org

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Home Buyers Don’t Miss the Opportunity For Your $8000

If you are a First Time Home Buyer time is running out. If you desire to take advantage of the First Time Home Buyer tax credit your property must close by December 1, 2009. Buyers should have a signed purchase contract with the seller signed by early October to have plenty of time to close.

For my buyers that need to finance, I always suggest about 6 weeks for closing, especially with inspections. In most “normal” cases that is enough time. I have seen other odd cases where it can take longer and the reasons can vary.

Just recently I was going to close on a home. It was delayed because the buyer for my seller’s home had to close on her house first.  Well, this buyer for the buyer in our transaction lost their financing and had to start all over. When all was said and done, the house closed about two months after it was suppose to and everyone involved was happy.

So consider this with only 6-8 weeks (hoping there are no snags), you need to find that house in the next 2 to 2 1/2 months or sooner. If you are eager to take advantage, hurry. If you are not sure where you stand with your credit, just take that step and talk to you loan officer.  Happy Hunting.

Details on First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

19 Donna Drive

Wonderful New Listing! Make your appointment today!

* Four Bedrooms, 3 1/2 Baths Brick Colonial

* Almost 2 Acres

* Private Country Dead End Drive

* Tiered Decks in Rear Fenced Yard

* Heat Pump, New Roof

* Finished Basement with Huge Game room and walk out to patio

* Large Laundry and Possible 5th Bedroom in basement

* Lots of Privacy, Much, Much More

Sale, $279,000

Additional Details

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Multiplying Garden

Well, today I went to out check on my garden and quench its thirst. My daughter and I were tickled pink to see how things have progressed. We notice a large number of cucumbers and they appear to have doubled in size in a few short days.

Being a first time gardener and also too busy to read helpful gardening tips, I am am pleased with the results with not too much time spent. The pumpkins and cucumbers have gone wild through this mini garden. My one and only pumpkin is almost the size of a tennis ball. I definitely have to learn to spread out the plants next year.

I am hoping my kids are more eager to eat their vegetables knowing they came from our back yard. We will see.




Obscure Bathroom

I must say I see some strange things when I show homes. Take a look at this shower from a Penn Hills, PA home that I showed recently.  Many times you can see where flippers just did not go the whole way to make it nice – some do and some don’t. I really laughed when I saw this bathroom shower. The owners appear to have added a tub surround but left the shower nozzle on the ceiling. Well, or maybe, they put it there on purpose.  Very unique and somewhat bizzare if you ask me – not a selling point.   Check out another interesting bathroom and the photo to go with it.