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Costly Home Upgrades That Might Not Help your Bottom Line

Remodeling and Upgrades in many cases will get you a return on your home when it sells – so we think. Sometimes it is not always the case. Some improvements can actually hurt the sale of your home.

  1. A Pool – A pool can be controversial. It is often a great thing for one person and not to another. It can be a turn off due to the maintenance and risk of liability. If it is an above ground pool, there is also work in removing it from the property if it is not wanted. Colder climates do not use pools as much and can be a burden making a pool even less of a desire.
  2. Combining Bedrooms – Combing bedrooms to get a larger bedroom (and thus eliminating one) can seem like a fabulous idea for some people. This in most cases, this change reduces the value of the home. With an a home value appraisal, the home is being compared to other homes that have sold by certain criteria. One being, number of bedrooms. So basically, have that additional bedroom. Even though maybe small in size, is better to have for value.
  3. Converting a Garage – There are many people that do not use their garage to park in. Often times it is for storage, office, workshop, etc . . . If you are going to do a conversion, consider house easy it is turn to back into a garage. I had a client in a town home convert their 3/4 of the garage to an office and play area. They left the doors on and the front few feet were used for storage. When I went to sell the home, they lost about $4000-$5000 in appraised value since it did not conform the the rest of the town homes in the neighborhood because it lost a two car garage. Even though it did have a finished area.
  4. Removing a Bathtub – I have been been involved with clients who house flip and one thing I would recommend for reselling is not to remodel the only full bath in the house with a shower. You really want to make sure you consider all buyers, making your buyer pool larger. If you don’t have a tub, then you are highly like not to attract families with children. Also, therefore making it harder to sell and even forcing the price down.