Fun In the City

I was down in the city for an appointment yesterday. Things went great, so on the way back to the office, I made two quick stops. I really had to control myself because I could be in these places for a long time. I stopped at a couple of specialty food places in the Shadyside section of the Pittsburgh.

One of my favorites is Whole Foods on Center Ave. I always love when you enter the store and they have their daily or weekly specials quite often by the door. It could be fruits, flowers, or at Christmas time even a little Christmas tree. When you walk-in you immediately walk into an amazing selection of produce. Some regular and some organic. There are many things that are not in your regular local market and the selection changes based on season and availability. There is a wonderful meat and fish selection and the list goes on. I have some of my favorite items that I always pick up because those items are hard to find or if you can find them quite often the item is cheaper at this store. Their store bands are a great value.

At the end of the isles on occasion, you can sample some snack products – delicious. You have to see the amazing selection of cheese – mouse heaven. Ok, so the next favorite thing I love about the store is the deli where you can get pre-made sandwiches, salad or MTO’s and . . . the hot food bar and salad bar is so unique, fresh, and delicious. When you are done your trip, relax and enjoy some lunch right on the way out. Good food. You are not going to find that anywhere else. Every time I have been there the place is bustling.

There are a couple of other places right near this store to compete with it. One is Giant Eagle’s Market District. I have never had the time to go here, because with so little time when in the area. I always pick Whole Foods. But I did get to spend about 15 minutes at a store called Trader Joe’s. They had some great specialty foods. The store is not nearly as big but I found some unique things. I had never seen mini seedless cucumbers – so cute for a salad.

Outside the city there is also a bulk health/specialty food company called Frankferd Farms in Sarver, PA – North East of the City. You can get a wide variety of various types of specialty foods. Most people order for pick up or have shipped as this is not your traditional food store – it is more like a warehouse. They have an amazing selection.

I have also been to another specialty food store that I did not realize was just that until recently. This place is called McGinnis Sisters. Their store NE of the city in Monroeville, PA is bigger than the Trader Joe’s. Their hot sausage is fabulous and so lean. They have a great new store in Mars, PA – Love it.

So stop in and check out the Pittsburgh Area’s specialty food stores. You will have so much fun.




I love passing this church on Center Ave on the way to Whole foods. It deserves a better shot but I had to shoot from the car because the traffic is crazy in the city.

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