Another Wild Surprise

Looking out my back kitchen window this morning, I saw something odd in the yard. It was very big. I thought it might be a large piece of bark or a dead animal. I could not really tell. My husband thought it was maybe a rabbit. So he went out in the light rain about at least 50 feet from the house to check it out. Then to his surprise he hollers that it is a turtle. I sure did not expect that. We have had some unusual creatures in my opinion for living in a housing plan.

So being the photographer that I am, I immediately ran to gather up my camera bag. I shot a bunch of photos while he stayed sheepishly in his shell. I then shot some from the house while he had his head extended out pretty far. A black bird came along and was eyeing him for a few minutes and kept walking around him checking him out. About an hour after all the commotion he decided to get up and start booking. I thought it was pretty fast for a turtle. He then hung out for a little bit along the neighbors fence stopping and starting. A squirrel came along to check him out. We later looked him up online to find out he was a snapping turtle as we were thinking he might be. We thought he was lost. He was headed out the back yard. I suspect he headed back to the pond that is at least 100 feet from my back property line.

Read more about the snapping turtle.

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