Blizzard February 5-6, 2010

The strangest thing happened during the blizzard this weekend. Last night we had about 12 inches of snow when we let the dogs out before bed. They made quite a trail and then came in. So in the morning we got up and the trail they made was totally gone – no sign at all. There were some other tracks in the yard that came from the front of the house and went about 25 feet behind the house. So ok, there was probably some deer that came through.

Over where it appeared deer went, was, what looked like a piece of wood under the tree. In our yard, is very common that large pieces of wood drop as there are many dead branches wedged far up in the trees.

Our puppies sleep by the door. In the morning, Titan, was suddenly very distressed about something outside. But you must know that is normal for him. He will bark at anything that is out of place or even if garbage bag or balloon gets loose and blows through the yard – he freaks out.

We made a path out the back door so we could all move around easier and get to our picnic table to measure the snow. The dogs went right to the wood in the yard and were going crazy. So we soon discovered it was actually the ear of a deer – poor thing. It came in to our yard and went to sleep. By the morning it smelled pretty bad.

We got the driveway cleared and got the quad out. The boys tied up the deer, dragged it out front, tied it on the quad and drove it to an undisclosed location.  I also took over 800 photos and probably 30 plus movie clips all the action the whole day. What Fun! My kids have never seen this much snow.

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