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Love it!

Showed an old quaint home in Oakmont, PA recently.  This was the kitchen sink. Yes, a bit out dated but so cute. The basement had a field stone foundation.

Mobile Phone Photo, copyright 2011, Amy S Myers

Believe it or Not . . .

Today, I took an investor to see a home on the out skirts of Pittsburgh. We new it was going to be a rough one. Check out the strange photos I took on my cell phone. The house was built into a hill and it even touches the stone wall. This can be good. Also, it appeared that someone had bought it to maybe flip at some point and had done some strange remodeling.

Medicine cabinet by the toilet. ??? There was one by the sink too.

Looked like in this photo and below they built this part of the house around a falling stone wall.

The buyer decided to pass.

More Strange Appliances

I have posted a number of bizarre items and home set-ups after finding them in my home showing travels. So again, today I wanted to share this photo with you. I was a very old home and the kitchen was very small. It is hard to notice at first unless you know what you are looking at. So this appliance set up is not really a range with a microwave. It is in fact, a convection oven, counter top stove, and a dishwasher below the stove. What were they thinking??? and is this really safe??

Never Think you Have Seen It All

Last evening I showed a couple a home. It sounded so wonderful. The home is probably about 3500 square feet or more on 4 acres on a dead end road in the country. Very few neighbors. It has a pool and about 2 acres are grass. The house had been added on to at one time. It appeared to have an in-law suite on the side. There were three kitchens in the house. The third being in what appeared to be a basement apartment. Lots of work needed to be done but maybe the place had some potential. The floor plan was so chopped up but looked so awesome from the outside.

So when we got to the upstairs the master bedroom, we found out that it had two bathrooms and one it shared with what the another bedroom connected to it (being captured). One things that did not make a whole lot of sense to me was that it had laundry hooks-ups in the middle of the master bedroom and the washer was still there. Now keep in mind the home had first floor laundry and there were no doors to the outside as if this was an apartment. Then we go into the next room connected to the master (that shares the second master bath) and there is a working, built-in, jacuzzi tub in the corner of this caputured bedroom.

I have included a rough sketch of the floor plan and some photos.

Other Real Estate Markets

It is really interesting to me to hear about other real estate markets and what things sell for around the country and the world. One of my favorite TV channels is HGTV. I love watching people compare and pick out houses.   I also enjoy seeing how they decorate them after a few months of living there. It also gives you a really interesting view of these various markets. Sometimes you can see some very strange and exotic things.

One of show that really sticks in my mind is a House Hunters. The couple on this show was looking for a home in the Mediterranean. I cannot remember if it was Greece or not. They picked a house that I thought they would not because the long walk and steps to the door on the side of the hill was lengthy. This couple ended up buying it for $750,000 US right on the sea and believe it or not it still needed fixing up. It was practically ruins and had no plumbing. I wonder how they dealt with that on the side of a hill. I have no idea how they would get their furniture up there but they may need a mule.

Here is another interesting house that sold recently in NY City called the Skinniest House that was reported by and the Associated Press

” ‘Skinniest House’ Sells for $2.1 million;” A property dubbed New York City’s skinniest house sold recently for $2.1 million. The two-story Greenwich Village property is 9.5 feet wide and 42 feet long and has two bedrooms and two baths. The townhouse was listed last August for $2.7 million by Alex Nicholas, senior vice president of the Corcoran Group. It last sold in 2000 for $1.6 million. It is now for rent for $10,000 per month.”

Also see this Article From Washington City Paper, where the photo is from – by Ruth Samuelson.

Would You Want a Home with This Inclusion?

This morning the agents in my office visited a few new homes that came up for sale.  It is an older home great shape but needs some updating and would make a great starter home. It has two full baths, brick, and is cape cod style. There is another home on the property that has two bedrooms, block building, real cute, would make a great rental. Both are located on a 1.6 acre lot. The property has plenty of level area for picnics or playing but over in the corner is . . . . a cemetery. It is a quite interesting. Would that keep you away or give you interest in buying? There appears to be about maybe about twelve grave stones. The stones date as far back as the 1700’s. It is surprising that you can even read some of the stones.  I was able to snap a few with my cell phone. This property is only maybe about 2 miles from our office. It comes with a cute stove too.

So in summary:Â Two homes (a two and a three bedroom) on 1.6 acres and a cemetery for a little over $100K.




Interesting Sightings . . .

As a real estate agent, I really enjoy looking at homes. As you may have read from previous posts, there have been some rather outlandish things and ancient items and decor. Today, I was out with a buyer looking at multi-unit properties. The first one we went to was curious and intriguing. There were two sides, and on each side was an upper and lower apartment. One of the up stairs had the bath out in the hallway – not inside the locked apartment. We later found out when speaking to the owner that the home used to be a hotel about 100 years ago. There were old original stair cases on both sides that were in excellent condition with ornate detail in the woodwork. There were fireplaces in most of the rooms. Each room had been a keeping room in the hotel which was mainly used by guests for the opera house next door.  Since the owner happen to be there, she took us through and told us many stories about the house and the neighborhood being that it was in her family for years. She even told us where the secret cubbie holes where, that her dad had made as a child. The original hotel had four stair cases instead of the two that were currently there. Additional staircases made the traffic flow smoothly. Below is a photo of a stove that was in one of the apartments.


The next home we viewed had a rather strange pipe coming out of the house. This duplex had a room on the third floor and there was a sink in it. There was no toilet and no tub – just the sink. Now even stranger, the sink drained out the side of the house and connected into the drain pipe from the rain gutter.  If anyone has any idea what they were thinking, I would be interested.


Ever Heard of a Door Air Conditioner?

Have you ever heard of an air conditioner in a door? I had not since I saw this listing over the weekend. There was one in the kitchen and one in the basement. The one in the basement did not even vent to the outside. The unit vented to a storage room. Interesting set up I must say. My buyers comment on the kitchen door unit was, that you had to leave the door open to use the unit because it was in the storm door . . . .??

Another oddity in the last few weeks was a garage (at another property). There was a garage that was behind the house. The house had a single integral one car garage in the front. But a few feet behind the house was the detached garage.  Ok well that sounds somewhat normal you might think but not so. The garage door was facing the house only a few feet from the house. My question is how do you get the car in there???

Photos are below . . .



Another Property below . . .


Remodeled Refrigerator

Well, it was an interesting night this evening. I showed two fun homes. The second not as good as the first. Both ranch and great yards. The second one had a massive master bedroom of 19 X 15. Very cute but needed too much work for the price. It was also somewhat taste specific. Whomever had owned this estate liked wood. The bathroom looked like something you would find in a log cabin. Really it was nice and not too bad. The kitchen was updated at some point (maybe the 70’s to 80’s) and additions made to the home. There was really a lot of wood accents in this place. I had to run and get my camera out of the car (I always try to keep one handy). Ok, so have you ever seen someone cover their refrigerator with wood to match the kitchen. Well there is a first for everything. So funny. . . . . I guess you could called it a remodeled refrigerator. LOL . . .