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Things of Times Gone By

It is fun to look at older homes and see all the character. Buyers enjoy seeing the original woodwork, pocket doors, stain glass windows, and more. It is truly a step back in time.  I am not talking about when bathrooms did not have toilets because they were in the basement or strange shower set ups. LOL

In some homes, I even see these little cut outs in the walls where a phone jack sits. Many times you see this feature in the front hall or living room of the home. I am sure kids today would think that is quite strange.

This time I found an older quaint home with a refrigerator of times gone buy. I don’t really know antiques very well but this refrigerator was from maybe the thrities for forties – I am guessing. I thought it was so funny to see it on and ready for food. Strange thing too, I dont think it was in inclusion. But I started snapping some cell phone photos so I could share it here on my blog. Amazing, I never exepected to see one of these in a home up and running.



Obscure Bathroom

I must say I see some strange things when I show homes. Take a look at this shower from a Penn Hills, PA home that I showed recently.  Many times you can see where flippers just did not go the whole way to make it nice – some do and some don’t. I really laughed when I saw this bathroom shower. The owners appear to have added a tub surround but left the shower nozzle on the ceiling. Well, or maybe, they put it there on purpose.  Very unique and somewhat bizzare if you ask me – not a selling point.   Check out another interesting bathroom and the photo to go with it.


The Missing Toilet

Well I went back to the interesting old home that my investor was considering. So it was my chance to get a photo of this unique situation. Check out the photo. I had to squeeze in.

Ok so sellers here is a tip:Â Always make sure you have a toilet in your only bathroom, because bathrooms and kitchens with the right features are key selling points of the home.

Refer to my previous post:Â The House That was Missing Something


The House That was Missing Something . . .

With real estate, every day something pops up that you have never seen or done before. Even for agents that have been in the business for years. My, you would be surprised too of the kinds of things we have to see or deal with. Funny thing is you can run into very interesting properties when looking at bank owned properties, foreclosures, and HUD properties.

Last week, I showed one of my young investors a property in an area that neither of us were sure about. Both of us showed up with companions and it was a good thing we did. We got a good taste of the neighborhood with a bunch of about 15 to 20 kids or young adults hanging on the street right near the house. They were eying up the cars. The plumbing was gone to say the least. My buyer quickly passed on that.  A key thing I always tell my buyers is to come and watch the neighborhood or talk to the neighbors. That was an easy one that night.

So today, we looked at another property. Pretty good price for what you are getting. The lot alone is worth the asking price. It has been on the market quite some time. So we go and and check it out. Hmmm . . . plumbing is all here, wiring is all there. Toilet in basement – common for this area. Keep in mind this is a very old home. Probably about 100 years old. Now usually homes of this age have some kind of updating over the years, but with a quick look, it was from an era gone by except for maybe a bit modernized because electricity was installed. LOL I say this too because the original gas pipes for gas lights in the home were still there with the fixtures. Often I have seen the capped pipes but never the actual fixtures still installed – How funny.

Also, the wall paper literally looked 80 to 100 years old. The original pocket doors to the living room were still there. The ceiling in the pantry area was waynes coating. No cabinets in the kitchen – now it did not appear that there ever were any cabinets. The whole kitchen was tiled to ceiling and had a circular florescent ceiling light. There was Wool carpet that was not wall to wall. Even original windows were still there.

Next we went up to the second floor. There was some nice hard wood. The rooms were ok. Some of the walls needed repaired. Although really not bad considering the age. So I checked out the one and only bathroom on the second floor – but wait there was a toilet in the basement – hmm . . they must not be counting that. I am thinking that the bathroom is kind of small. It has a claw foot tub and all . . .  And then I think hmmm . . . something has to be missing.  Well I look behind the door in the cramped room and . . . there was no toilet. And it appeared that there never was. I have never in my life seen a bathroom with no toilet. Now how strange is that? The one and only bathroom in the house (the only one that there ever appeared to be) and it only had a sink and tub – Crazy.

If my buyer decides she likes it I will have to go back and get a photo.  I am going to have to find a way to perch myself in the corner with a superwide angle lens and get you a shot of this funny room. The house could be great with the right touch and a toilet in the bathroom. :) I hope there is a happy ending for the house and the buyer.