Competing with Other Sellers in Today’s Housing Market

The Pittsburgh area is a stable housing market, but there are a large number of homes on the market. This then can translate into higher days on market for a home and be great for buyers. But as a seller how do you deal with this? There is stiff competition and you need to make your home more attractive than the others in your category.

With the days on market being generally on the long side, quite often the first offer is often the best offer. If you get an offer, you should try to work with it instead of turning it down flat. You never know when you may get another in this buyers market.

When selling you need to be realistic about the price. If you start at a higher price than the house is estimated to sell at and don’t come down, your listing can get stale and become less attractive and it can sometimes be too late to get some of those buyer’s attention. Sometimes people will see your listing over and over and wonder why it has been on the market so long and what might be wrong with it. Have your agent give you a realistic price to start with. The number one thing that sells a house is the price.

If your agent gives you suggestions that appeal to buyers, listen carefully, these agents are working with buyers and hear first hand what they want and do not want.

Put yourself in the buyers shoes. Many buyers are trying to get deals these days. They also want to be sure that they are not going to loose value in a new home purchase or get stuck somewhere that is hard to resell. Give your buyers reason to buy. At minimum, make sure things are squeaky clean.

Many buyers today to not want to renovate anything. Most buyers are busy and just want to move in. No hassles. There are some do-it-yourselfers but you need to be ready for the average buyer – ready to move in condition.

Use your homes strengths – Some homes may be a near a busy highway. A perfect idea is to use curb appeal with the landscaping. Be creative and think outside the box and have an agent that does the same. Not everyone is doing that.

Today’s market in the area is tough but things are selling.

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