Dead Tractor

My husband ask my kids to cut the grass late last week. So in order for me to help them complete this task, I had to get some fuel for the tractor because we were out. I usually keep tabs on the supply and make sure I usually have some on hand but got behind because of life’s circumstances. So I went and out and got fuel. Well, I got back to find the tractor was dead. So it was up to me to get this going. My husband insisted I should get this going on my own. I was a bit intimidated and fought waiting until he got home to do it. I was afraid of blowing something up. My teenage son assisted me and my daughter. It was challenging to get the jumper cables off the tractor and get the seat down before the tractor shut off because of the safety. It was a sight to see. Then my daughter got on and I told her she could not stop the mower for several minutes to keep the tractor charged or we were going to have to do this all over again. So out she goes to cut the grass and 10 minutes later it starts pouring rain.  So what do you think happened? Well not enough charge and we were going to have to start over. We waited until the rain was done. The grass then got completed and we are all now a an experienced team to charge tractors. You know such simple tasks can snow ball into a big ordeal. We made it through and are now better for it.

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