Digging Through Archives – Cows?

I was working on a project yesterday while looking through some home photos. This search brought back some interesting memories. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to move into my housing plan. Some may not think that is so lucky though. I had to deal with a lot of construction noise for a while but it was fun to see other homes around me be built. I have been where I am now for about 5 years. As you know, if you have read some of my previous entries, I have run into some interesting creatures – some quite unexpected and still new ones keep popping into my yard.

One funny story that I have has since been forgotten. When we first moved in, my neighbors and I would have cow sightings. Not usually one cow but a few. The neighborhood is near some large plots of property. Apparently a local farmer was not too disciplined with keeping his cows in check. The cows would get out and roam the neighborhood. It seemed that the local policemen were in the area regularly to round up this heard of cows. One early morning the cows had come through, so the neighbors had informed me. I had not had the chance to see them, but went out front to take the kids to the bus stop and noticed four of my flower pots going down the steps to the driveway were knocked over and cow footprints across my driveway. I was fortunate to not have any lawn damage or have my flowers eaten, but some other neighbors had big prints in their yards and maybe a few other surprises.

Anyway, here is a photo from 8-1-04 of a baby cow with My son and his friends.


Below is another photo from May 5, 2005

This is from when a small herd of cows came wondering through my next door neighbor’s backyard one afternoon. My son was talking to the cow and the cow started coming over to him so he ran. At this point the cows were still getting out and had come to drink in a small stream.  A local resident hunting dog came over to take control.



The cow problem seemed to stop not too long after this day. Rumor had it that the local police decided they wanted to be paid if they had to be cowboys.

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