Ever Heard of a Door Air Conditioner?

Have you ever heard of an air conditioner in a door? I had not since I saw this listing over the weekend. There was one in the kitchen and one in the basement. The one in the basement did not even vent to the outside. The unit vented to a storage room. Interesting set up I must say. My buyers comment on the kitchen door unit was, that you had to leave the door open to use the unit because it was in the storm door . . . .??

Another oddity in the last few weeks was a garage (at another property). There was a garage that was behind the house. The house had a single integral one car garage in the front. But a few feet behind the house was the detached garage.  Ok well that sounds somewhat normal you might think but not so. The garage door was facing the house only a few feet from the house. My question is how do you get the car in there???

Photos are below . . .



Another Property below . . .


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