First Time Home Buyers

I have worked with young first time home buyers. They are nervous and have many questions. The best thing to do is find out as much as you can about the process and what terms mean. There are many great resources out there. Here you can find great step by step guides ( recommended by the NAR – National Association for REALTORS ). You will find info on:

  • Knowing and Understanding Your Credit
  • Opening the Door to a Home of Your Own
  • Choosing the Mortgage that’s Right for You
  • Borrowing Basics: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Speaking of young first time home buyers, I have had one couple buy the first house they ever looked at and love it. I had another young couple who always had trouble because the home was never up to par or a steal of a deal. Be patient and don’t be too picky no house is going to be everything you want. Even if you have the opportunity to purchase a new construction home, you still have to change things to make it your own. If you wait for the “right” house, it may or may not ever come based on your own ideals. And if you really think you have found the right house, jump on it, it won’t last long. Believe me, I have seen houses go fast many times.

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