Food in Pots

I have the room for a garden in my yard but circumstances have not permitted me to plunge into the full fledged project of a garden. Every year, I say next year. Well, this time it came and went. Last year was the first time ever that I got some vegetable plants and put them in pots. I had bought some on clearance and brought them back to life. They did well. I had peppers and tomatoes and tomatoes on my back steps.

Well, I also enjoy feeding the birds and keep a feeder about 10 feet from the back door. Sometimes I would put some birdseed on the back step and the birds would come to the step. Well, Mr. Chippy would also come by and sit and pack his cheeks.

So one day last summer, I checked on my tomatoes and went back to my office to work, then came back down to the kitchen to get something to eat at lunchtime and noticed that ALL my 9 cherry tomatoes were gone. I blinked my eyes to see if I was seeing things. I could not believe it. Where did they go? There was not trace of foul play and none rolling down the back steps. How could this be? And in broad daylight?

I was baffled for the rest of the day. I told a friend what had happened (one who is an avid gardener) and he was not sure what would have done that. I had ruled out raccoon or deer and even opossum. My gardener friend said a chipmunk or squirrel would probably never do that.

So the next day, I go to the window about to check on the remaining peppers I have left and what do you think I saw? Mr. Chippy sitting there on the bottom step eating a cherry tomato. He saw me and dropped the half eaten tomato and ran. It appeared he picked them all and stashed them under the bottom step to eat at his leisure. I was growing these cherry tomatoes for my daughter, as she loves them.

That was not the last of him either. I had run out of birdseed so one day right in front of me, Mr. Chippy jumped in the top pot by the back door and started gnawing on my pepper plant. I am pleased to say he did not get any of them.

This year I have scaled back on the birdseed and have not seen too much of Mr. Chippy. I have a few peppers and none that I know of have mysteriously disappeared. One pepper ripened and my daughter was happy to have me cook it up in an omelet for her.   Hopefully we will get the remaining few peppers and next year try to for the bigger garden. Having a bigger garden will be a challenge with all the crazy critters in the yard.

Here is a photo of Mr. Chippy in my yard and of one of my baby green peppers this year.



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