Off the beaten track, Hyde Park, PA

Hyde Park, PA is a quaint town near Leechburg, PA. It has maybe a few hundred homes. The big thing in the town in its beginning was the mill that sits down by the river and the railroad tracks. Most of the homes are older but well taken care of. There are a few newer homes built randomly in the community and on the outskirts. There are only two roads into the town. The locals call them the lower road and the upper road. While traveling the upper road you pass an estimated 179 acre farm with a historic farm house that has amazing Victorian detail and charm (pictured below). The   lower road is a wooded road that winds and twists until it comes out at the bottom of town. One the way down the lower road there is a quaint gift shop with adorable country items. I cannot remember the name.   Another photo below is one of my favorite homes – the brick colonial. The local post office is in a cute red brick house like building. The town municipal building took over an old church building and also houses a museum about the community.





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