Is Composite Decking a Selling Point?

Here is a question I received online:


I am building a small deck on the back of our house this summer and wondered if there is any reason to consider Trex (composite) over traditional treated wood from a resale perspective? As an agent, do you find that a deck adds value and does a composite deck add even more value?

Would appreciate a simple answer if you have the time.

Chad B.


Hi Chad,

Thanks for your question.  The answer to this question can vary depending on which market you are in.

I do find that a deck adds value. I have heard anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of what it cost you to put on. If you do the work yourself then possibly you might come out ahead in the end.  But in this market, I would not be using this to get money back. I would be more concerned with getting the house sold by using the deck as a selling point than something to increase the price. It is still a buyers market and there is a lot of inventory. You want to be competitive with your features.

Consider what the other homes in your area have that are for sale. If they all have decks and you don’t, then yours may look less appealing. If you have a deck and others do not, then that is a definite selling point. Personally, I have never heard any buyer say they thought a deck that was not made with composite materials any less desirable. I think if the deck is new or in good shape then that is great – the deck will be appealing. Consider spending the money on the composite for a home that you are staying in the in the long term. You will be the one to reap the benefits because of the low maintenance rather than possibly not getting your money back for an upgrade in materials when selling.

I hope that helps you. Have a great day!


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