Little Green Tomatoes

Little green tomatoes are what I have popping up in my garden already this week. I was in touch with a friend from South Carolina and her tomatoes have not even shown themselves yet.  With that comment, I thought I must be doing a good job with my first garden ever. It is a modest one with (of course) a variety of tomatoes, green and yellow peppers, some cucumbers and pumpkins.

Some how I ended up with two packages of onions – white and red. I decided to plant them all. They ended up taking up half of my gardening space.  They started growing immediately. I thought it was really amazing that I would check them out in the morning and come back later that day and veggies were already increased in size. I did not expect to see that noticeable growth in such short of a time.  I have quite a large onion patch so if anyone needs some, let me know. I hope I have as many tomatoes coming as onions.  I am open for gardening tips.


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