Online Networking

I was exploring the option of online networking. I had not really spent that much time on it and have much to learn. I started with a popular site called facebook. I was amazed to find out how many people I do know from all periods of my life. There are friends from elementary school, Jr. High, High School, College, family, Neighbors, Colleagues, Church friends from different states, other Real Estate agents and more. In a matter of a few short days, I was hooked up with them. We were sharing memories and photos and more.

I then found my brother-in-law ( a college professor ) in Oregon. His students and colleagues strongly encouraged him to join and in two days he over 100 friends. I had not realized many of my contacts had recently joined as well. It must be time to get on the bandwagon.

I have actually hooked up with people that I would have never probably communicated again with in my life. Technology is amazing.

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