Photo on Billboard

I awoke this morning with another note from same mom who spotted her daughter in a soccer ad recently. The photo she saw is one of my popular photos from one my stock portfolios online – as I am a photographer in my spare time.  I was certainly quite surprised. They have now seen their daughter on a billboard. I thought the first story was amazing – but now two in a row.

Here is the Mom’s note;


This must be a pretty popular picture! We just got back from vacation in Atlantic Beach NC. On our way down (on I-95), I was just looking at the billboards. I noticed one that said Play Ball and it had a soccer player on it. So as it got closer I looked closer at it. I couldn’t believe it! It was that same picture of “Megan”. Of course I got pretty excited and started yelling ‘There’s Megan”. We kept looking for another billboard with the same ad, but didn’t see one, so we noted where we saw it so I could get a picture of it on the way home.

On the way home we did get a picture of it and I let my parents know about it. Being the proud grandparents that they are, they looked up the website, contacted the company and they sent them a copy of the ad. I have attached it for you to see.

Also, Eric did contact the headband company and they sent her six headbands.

I’m just wondering where she will pop up next. I’ll let you know if we spot this or any of your other pictures anywhere.


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