Picking Blueberries

You know one fun thing that I did as a child growing up in New Jersey was pick blueberries. My mom would take me and my sister out once a year as I remember to a farm to pick them. We would get a metal coffee can that had holes in it so a rope could be strung through it. We would then tie the cans to our waist. Of course, we would eat some while we picked. When I got married and settled in Western Pennsylvania, I wanted to do the same for my kids. I had trouble finding a blueberry farm for many years – maybe I did not look hard enough. So one day I was out running some errands and came across a sign to pick blueberries. It was only about 20 minutes away. I immediately made plans to head out. I brought the kids, Mom, and the cousins, and friends. We have enough to last us a couple of years in the freezer. The place we went was S. K. Berry Farm in Sarver, PA – right on Rt 356. Last year they had limited berries, maybe due to the weather but I am looking forward to picking as this is the time of the year. Blueberries are actually great for your health – a great snack by themselves. I love the big sweet ones.

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