Pittsburgh: Stable Housing Market

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Pittsburgh (and the Western Pennsylvania Area) is a strong and stable in the real estate market. I was at the Greater Alle-Kiski Area ( GAKA ) Board of Realtors meeting a couple of weeks ago and it was mentioned there. I delayed referencing this because I wanted to locate the article from the associate who mentioned it. Listed below is the quote and location of article from Forbes.

America’s Most Stable Housing Markets
Matt Woosley

“Also primed for a stable year are Pittsburgh, Columbus, Ohio, and Dallas.

Pittsburgh, Pa.

  • Median home price: $123,500
  • Annual price change from 2006: 2.7%
  • Projected price change to 2008: 3.37%

Pittsburgh’s growth has been steady over the last year, and with low foreclosure projections based on the state of the local lending market, very affordable housing stock and relatively low inventory, it can overcome the fact that its sales rate is 30th out of the 40 markets measured.”

You can read the Forbes article here.

Again, this area is on top and appears from the numbers that it will remain strong

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