Plant Surprises

Five years ago, when I moved into the current home I am living in now, a gracious neighbor brought me a plant. It was an extremely large and healthy aloe plant. Most of my previous plant experience was with aloe’s. So I thought this was great. I really never had too many other kinds. These plants are very hardy as per my experience. I don’t alway remember to water them on a timely basis but some how they keep hanging on.

Well, to my surprise this plant (now even larger), sprouted a very interesting branch. Funny thing is I did not notice right away. Out came a bud on this stalk. It has been going for a few weeks now and may blossom any day now. I went and did some research and found that there are about 400 kinds of aloe plants (who knew? – may you did – I didn’t). I am really excited to see what color the buds bloom into.

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