Preparing Your Home for Summer Vacation

Not everyone thinks about how you should leave your home when headed off for summer vacation. Sometimes it is just added details while packing up. Here are some things to consider before leaving:

1) Clean your home as much as you can, get the clutter piles gone. Make sure dishes are washed and food is sealed up. Who wants to come home to a less than clean house or mess. This way it is more relaxing when returning home.

2) Shut off the water main. It is a good idea to shut the main valve of water coming into your home in case a pipe would burst and no one would be there to discover it for a good few days. This may not be a good option if the main is running a sprinkler system.

3) Another things is to shut your water heater off or turn down if it is summer time. Is there any need to heat the water if you are not at home.

4) Unplug all appliances. This can prevent electrical fires and protect your appliances from electrical surges.

5)Â Use light timers to give the appearance of activity at your home.

6) Lock away valuables

7)Â Turn your central air up to a warmer temperature.

8) Have someone collect your mail and newspapers or hold mail at the post office.

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