Reasons To Buy New Construction

Good news about home prices coming down a little is that new construction prices in turn have gotten better. Builders are motivated to unload homes that are sitting due to increased inventory and you could end up with some great benefits. There are many new homes listed with a REALTOR. Ask your REALTOR for a list of new construction homes.

When your purchase a new home that means that everything is new. No worn carpet to replace. kitchens to remodel, or even replace a roof or windows. You just need to bring your special touches and decorating preferences.

Sometimes mortgage rates on new homes can be lower.  Builders can offer a special rate through a mortgage company that they work with if you choose to use them.

During the first five to seven years a new home will often see a greater appreciation (depending on the area you are in) than an existing home.

Energy efficiency is a key thing in a new home. Even homes being built today are more efficient than they were 10 years ago.

Many builders also offer a home warranty, often times, for a term of about a year.

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