Tips for Selling a Vacant Home

When there is a vacant home for sale, often times it is obvious. For security reasons and normal sale tactics, you do not want it to appear this way. Sometimes it is actually harder to sell a vacant home. Here are some great ideas to prepare your home.

* If you are able to afford a lawn service, get someone to maintain your property. Sometimes if you have family or a neighbor willing to do that for you, it may give you a reduced cost. Your real estate agent may even know someone willing to help you out. Don’t forget if possible, get someone to clear the walks in the winter. You know, I was so impressed when I went to show a foreclosed home after a big snow and the walk to the house was already for guests. I really think a neighbor did that one out of the kindness of their heart.

* When your furniture is not occupying the house, this really points to small imperfections in the walls, carpet or other places. So take care of those things that are now more obvious, otherwise they will stick out like a sore thumb. I saw a home recently that was vacant and a seam in the wall is coming undone. It was much more noticeable due to not furniture and white walls.

* If at all possible, try to leave a few items for accent pieces at the home. I do have a seller that is borrowing her grand daughter’s bedroom set temporarily.

* Also, if at all possible try to leave the utilities on – Electric and Gas if you can swing it. I have show some homes in the winter that have been so cold that no one wanted to stay in the property very long and if you can’t see that does not help the sale either. Even make sure all the light bulbs are working. If you did have a sale on the property, in most cases the buyer is going to need all utilities on for inspections.

* Have someone keep the home clean. One house I would go into often to show ended up having several dead flies around the house over time. This and a layer of dust on the counters and make the home appear that it has been sitting a while.

* To make the home lived in, see if a neighbor would be willing to park their car in the driveway, make any mail would be taken in, and even have the blinds open or shut on occasion. Having a lamp or two on a timer is helpful. Many times I see old door handle flyers and telephone books sitting on vacant porches – make sure you don’t let that happen.

*Â Always check your home owner’s policy and make sure you understand your coverage if your home is vacant.

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