Selling a Vacant Home

Preparing a vacant home is more than just making sure that the property is clean. It goes beyond cleanliness. If there are competing homes in your neighborhood, this is just another way for you to stand above them all.

1. Curb Appeal – The first thing the buyer sees is the curb appeal. I even knew of a buyer who would not even go in a house because of the lack of curb appeal. It was a great house inside but could not get him in the door.

– Make sure your bushes are under control and trimmed, pull weeds, and even add some new mulch if needed.
– Your front door should be clean. Even repainted it, first impressions are important.
– Place a new doormat at the front door
– Keep your grass trimmed and maintained and clean up all clippings
– Add some plants that give color. It will ad some punch to the landscape.

2. Cleaning – don’t stress out your buyer’s, have a clean house.

– Clean the driveway and sidewalks. Try using a pressure washer.
– Make sure windows are clean inside and out.
– Clean your decks and patios with a pressure washer.

3. Make sure you have neutral colors. While your red wall may be your favorite, buyers react better to walls that will fit with their decor. If they have to repaint that makes the home more work. Try creams or light grays.

4. If your house is vacant the buyers eyes will go right to the carpet. Not to mention buyers see it is unsanitary. Replace with an low cost neutral tone.

5. If you can, stage your home. Give the buyer something else to look at besides floors, walls and ceilings. They will not be able to see the flaws as easily. If they see flaws, they are more likely to make a lower offer.

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