Should I Buy a Home Warranty?

I usually suggest that my seller’s get a home warranty. A Home Warranty is a great thing to have because:

1) It sets your home apart from other seller’s in a crowded market place today.
2) It gives a perk to the buyer to have a warranty on the property for one year after purchase.
3) It protects the seller until the home is sold.

Keep in mind, there are various home warranty companies and they all work different. The one our company uses, covers the buyer until the home sells. The warranty is paid at closing so you do not have to put funds out ahead of time. You are covered while the home sells. If the home does not sell or is taken off the market, you are not charged even if you have a claim. Wow, so how can you beat that?

You really cannot go wrong offering a home warranty. Chances are that the buyer is going to ask for one anyway with their offer, so why not be covered for the time you are selling your home. What a deal.

Here is a great article from CNN on home warranties.

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