Things of Times Gone By

It is fun to look at older homes and see all the character. Buyers enjoy seeing the original woodwork, pocket doors, stain glass windows, and more. It is truly a step back in time.  I am not talking about when bathrooms did not have toilets because they were in the basement or strange shower set ups. LOL

In some homes, I even see these little cut outs in the walls where a phone jack sits. Many times you see this feature in the front hall or living room of the home. I am sure kids today would think that is quite strange.

This time I found an older quaint home with a refrigerator of times gone buy. I don’t really know antiques very well but this refrigerator was from maybe the thrities for forties – I am guessing. I thought it was so funny to see it on and ready for food. Strange thing too, I dont think it was in inclusion. But I started snapping some cell phone photos so I could share it here on my blog. Amazing, I never exepected to see one of these in a home up and running.



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