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Great Ideas for Making a Home More Inviting

Did you know that buyers are motivated buy a home based on emotion? So the important thing for a seller to do is to do their best in making it feel that way. I have heard in the past from contractors that bathrooms and kitchens are key points that make people want to buy a specific home. The kitchen in my home was a big deciding point on why I bought mine. I even sacrificed some other features because it was such great room and was great for having friends over. It is connected to my family room and is very open. Below are some great ideas from a design firm that specializes in furnishing new homes.

“Model homes are important tools for builders because they help buyers fall in love with a home.

Phyllis Ryan, president of the model-home division of Interior Concepts, a Maryland design firm that specializes in furnishing new homes, has some tips that might benefit anyone who is selling a home.

* A stylish kitchen appeals to many buyers. If a sellers has upgraded cabinets and granite countertops, that’s good. If they don’t, it may help to display some stylish touches like an espresso machine, a retro toaster or just some luscious fruit.

* Lots of light makes spaces feel larger. Turn on all the lights even during the day and add a few extra lights if necessary.

* The master bedroom should seduce a buyer. Play soft jazz, pile the bed high with a cushy comforter and pillows. Stack plush towels in the bathroom.

* Add drama to a bottleneck or a dead end space. Prop an oversize mirror against the wall. It visually ops a space and adds drama.”

Quoted from REALTOR Magazine online