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The Joys of Home Ownership

My current housing lot came with heavy brush and several trees. When we first moved in, we had four plus dump truck loads taken out to make room for a lawn. We left several feet to the back line uncleared so we could deal with it later. Well one of the later moments did come this weekend after a few years. One tree that I had been watching for a few years decided not to sprout any leaves and was becoming quite an eyesore and possibly a safety issue. During the last two years the woodpeckers were starting to heavily feast on it and piles of ant dust were forming around the bottom of the tree.

Our buddy Tom arrived later in the afternoon and graciously brought his amazing chainsaw. My husband rigged the tree up with tow straps from our jeep to help guide the tree to fall in a safe spot – with out harming any neighbors or their property. 🙂

The tree came down as planned and Tom, my son and husband got it all chopped up in a matter of minutes all ready for the fire pit. I can smell the campfire now. We are all ready for some marshmallows and s’mores tonight.