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Local Scenery

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to see some unique scenery created by the winter weather. In downtown Leechburg, PA, near where my office is located, we spotted some interesting ice formations in the Kiski River. We saw huge pieces of ice all jammed together. Some large pieces even sticking straight up and refrozen.

Leechburg is connected to Hyde Park by a nearby walking bridge so that was a great place to get a view. The day was warm enough to sneak out with out a coat and be semi comfortable as the ice in the river started to break up. I was delighted with the wonderful photographic opportunity. So my family and I walked on out to get some cool shots. It was a tricky to get shots when you were not standing near one of the bridge supports because the bridge did sway. It was really hard to get an idea of how large the pieces were because, it was not possible to go pose near any of them. I never thought to look at the river this time of year.

Here are some of the photos:





Photos by Amy S. Myers, Copyright 2009

Published Photo

Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that one of my photos was used in an ad. As a photographer this is an honor to know. I sell many photos through stock companies but most of the time to not get to know where the photos are used. The funny thing is the story behind how it was found. The mother of the girl in the photo saw the ad at a soccer tournament. Apparently it got some attention.

Here is a copy of the letter. For privacy reasons, I am leaving full names out.


How are you? We are all doing well.

We were at a soccer tournament this weekend at Turner Valley (Irwin). In the registration packet, we received advertisements from the sponsors. One of them was forcefield headbands. I was in the process of throwing the advertisements away, but looking at them as I did so, and the picture looked like “my daughter’s” (on the headband ad). I looked again (because I knew that she never wore a headband like that) and it was her! I couldn’t believe it. They added the headband to her and removed the “soccer” logo from her shirt and the Puma logo from her shoes. Everyone got a kick out of seeing her on this ad. She was even signing the ads. When her team took third place and they announced the name of the winners, the announcer even mentioned that she was the girl in the ad.

Thanks again for taking all the pictures of her and everyone else on the team. She really enjoys seeing herself like this. This was a nice surprise. Maybe the company should give us a free headband so she can wear it to the competitions. Attached is a copy of the ad.

Hope all is well for you and your family.



Wildlife Photo

WoodpeckerLast week, I was blessed with being able to get a great photo shot of a Pileated woodpecker in the backyard of my home. I see these birds from time to time but can never get a good shot of them. I had just come home and looked out the back window and there this bird was. A loud truck had come down the street and scared him further back in the yard. So at that point I left the house and followed him.

He was making his rounds on several trunks. He actually returned to a tree that recently had a huge hole put in the trunk by himself or one of his buddies. A few minutes later he flew over to some logs waiting to be split for firewood which is where this shot is from. Once I downloaded them from my camera, I was delighted to see how beautiful of bird he is. It was the best of about 25 or so and cropped to show more detail. He then flew away to the property behind mine and there was another in the tree. That was the first time I actually saw two together. It is amazing what goes on outside our houses. We just have to look around.


This photo is copyrighted and cannot be published,copied or reproduced without permission. If you are interested in aquiring this photo you can at my iStock.com site.


Nearly as large as a crow, the Pileated Woodpecker is the largest woodpecker in most of North America. Its loud ringing calls and huge, rectangular excavations in dead trees announce its presence in forests across the continent.

Here are some facts from Cornell Lab of Orinthology:

  • The Pileated Woodpecker digs characteristically rectangular holes in trees to find ants. These excavations can be so broad and deep that they can cause small trees to break in half.
  • A Pileated Woodpecker pair stays together on its territory all year round. It will defend the territory in all seasons, but will tolerate floaters during the winter.
  • The feeding excavations of a Pileated Woodpecker are so extensive that they often attract other birds. Other woodpeckers, as well as House Wrens, may come and feed there.
  • The Pileated Woodpecker prefers large trees for nesting. In young forests, it will use any large trees remaining from before the forest was cut. Because these trees are larger than the rest of the forest, they present a lightning hazard to the nesting birds.


  • Size: 40-49 cm (16-19 in)
  • Wingspan: 66-75 cm (26-30 in)
  • Weight: 250-350 g (8.83-12.36 ounces)