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Number One Thing That Sells a Home

Out of all the training that I have had as a real estate agent, the thing that is key to learn about selling a home is that price is number one. If you do not price a home properly for the market, it will sit, and sit and sit. Today’s market is a little more of a challenge. Pittsburgh and it’s suburbs are not as hard it as other regions of the country and things are selling but there is still a lot of inventory. I am seeing houses selling and it is the one’s that are competitive or draw demand. If you have your home for sale today, and are “motivated”, price it right. If you agent is not doing that, then you agent is not necessarily doing their job. Ask for a list of recent home sales that compare to yours. Even go see the listings if you are curious.

One thing to consider is, how much it is costing me to stay where I am at, or own two houses, etc . . . Maybe if you have to take a loss on the sale, you may still come out ahead. Run the numbers, you might be surprised.

Construction of new home sales has dropped. Here is what one article said about the marketing of new homes:

“At the moment, most of that advice is being directed toward lowering prices because, in reality, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you generate if the traffic perceives the product as overpriced.” -George W. Mantor

Photo Copyright 2006, By Amy S. Myers