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Mistakes for Sellers With Dogs

Many home owners think of their dog and other pets as a part of their family. A seller needs to keep in mind that a potential buyer for your home may not share your feelings. Unfortunately for you, some may not even prefer pets for various reasons, some reasons may even including allergies. So the key thing is not to loose this potential buyer at the front hall because you have dogs or other pets.

There are several things that sellers with pets should do to get the most out of the sale of their home.

1.  Never leave your dog at the home when there is an open house.

2. Make sure you always clean every day avoiding pet smells from dander and food.

3. Make sure you clean up after your dog in the yard.

4. Don’t assume your home has not smell from your pets. When you are used to it you don’t smell it.

5. Try to not leave any hints that a dog even lives in the home.

6. Try to creatively market your home to other dog or pet owners.

7.  Don’t note in advertising of the home that it is “dog friendly”. This may keep people from showing the home.

8. If your dog has to be at home when there is a showing, then make sure you are there too. Although, it is best that all members leave to make the buyer feel more comfortable.