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Lots of Fun Things Going on in Pittsburgh

I was delighted to hear that fun things are happening in Pittsburgh. Did you know that Pittsburgh has a large working population which has increased by 28,000 since 1996? Large companies have announced moving headquarters downtown bringing even more jobs in. Read more exciting news about shopping and restaurants.

“In the face of gloom and doom spreading across the country, Pittsburgh’s Downtown is enjoying a bit of a building boom in housing, office development and retail.

The former Lazarus store is being converted into condos, shops, restaurants and offices.” and there is more.

quoted from:Â http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/08341/932158-65.stm

Pittsburgh in Top Six Safe Haven US Cities

Kiplinger’s News reports that Pittsburgh makes the list for top Safe Haven Cities in the US.

We found six cities with slow, steady growth,” the article says and also says, ” . . . the properties have retained their value. This “Pittsburgh paradox,” as it’s called by locals, is attributed to the city’s steady population growth and the construction of new, high-value homes.”

See all the cities and their strong points in this full article. Interestingly enough, Lancaster, PA is among them.

Photo Copyright by Amy S. Myers, 2007