The First Fun Snow

Out came the sleds and all the snow gear on Saturday at 9:30 pm. My daughter had been planning her sleep over for several days and to add to all the fun was a day of snow. How could I say no? The two of them were out there almost until 11 pm. Non-stop fun. They made a snow turtle in the back yard, since the snow was not the packing kind. They even colored him green with food coloring. LOL.  Our front yard has enough of a hill to get a nice speed up for some good sledding close to home. They made their speed bump and went flying. You know one of my favorite times to play in the snow is when it is snowing.

So as the crazy mom photographer, I whipped out my camera and insisted they pose for me and get some good action shots. I remind them that they will laugh at these down the road when they are older. Well, I took probably over 100, you can never have enough memories.

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