Using a Realtor

A home that I recently showed went under contract to be sold. It is a great house and had some upgrades. This home is new and has not been lived in very long. The neighbor (who is a “For Sale by Owner” – FSBO) has virtually the same home next door. The FSBO does have a fire place and appliances and the neighbor has a deck. The prices were both very close. The FSBO was very discouraged because he did not even get the opportunity to show his house to thes buyer’s for his neighbor’s house. He had a sign and everything. It goes to show you in just this instance that it is important to use a Real Estate agent and specifically one that is a REALTOR. Buyers usually have a business relationship with their agent and in often agents will not show a FSBO. A home is more accessible to an agent that is officially listed with an agent among other things.

Real Estate agent’s provide many services. As I mentioned before, on average you will get more than 16% more for your home using a Real Estate agent than without one. When using a Real Estate agent, your home is entered in the Multi-List service for your area. In the West Penn Multi-List service there are over 8000 Real Estate agents who subscribe as well as many buyers who subscribed to the search services. What a great way to expose your home and that is only one thing.

Here is the REALTOR’s code of Ethics from the National Association for REALTOR’s at

This is what you are getting when you higher a REALTOR. Just to let you know – not all Real Estate agents are REALTORs. Make sure you ask.

When Is a Real Estate Agent a REALTOR®

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