What Buyers are Looking For . . .

I have been observing my buyers lately and getting more of a feel of what some of them really want. This is the key (of course) to finding them the perfect home.  As a buyer you need to really communicate and give your agent as much information as possible. Sometimes the buyer forgets to mention things, but as you go out and show them properties, you can definitely hone in on the specifics.

As I have said before, the staging does woo buyers. They walk in and say oooo or yuck. It is all on how you have it ready for showings.  The agents in my office tour our listings to get other agents in the office familiar with all our properties. When we go on tour, you can tell the same thing. The agents are oooing at some of the decor. The ones that are not staged so good, don’t have many comments.

The number one thing I notice on agent tour and with buyers is the colors. The homes with the neutral and versatile colors get the comments and make people remember the house. It makes them feel cozy, comfortable and at home . . . and that is what you want. You want them to feel like it could be their home and that their furniture and decor could fit it with out much effort or no effort. If a buyer has to paint over that red accent wall, or that dark blue on all four walls in the bedrooms ( a recent encounter ), that may just be too much bother for the buyer. I know it sounds silly but some trivial things have turned off buyers. Most buyers want to just move in and have the least amount of things to deal with – life is just too busy. Just moving to a new residence can be enough to deal with.

Another thing is to get rid of the clutter. A couple of houses that I went into recently just had too much clutter and tons of personal photos. Sellers need to get rid of as much of this as possible. Since you, the seller, are moving – pack it up now. It will come back out later in your new home. If you can afford it, get storage unit or even borrow some space at a friend’s house if possible.

One of my buyers even prefers and empty home, she said it helps her visualize where she can put her furniture. So if your home is over cluttered with furniture and unnecessary items, it will definitely effect the buyer.  Re-evaluate what your home looks like inside to the potential buyer, it could be one of the reasons it is still on the market.

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